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Direct download: MacCraic_106_-_Scaring_the_Shit_out_of_Ya.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:38pm UTC

Mountain Lion

  • New schedule for OS upgrades
  • New features in Mountain Lion
  • What will Mountain Lion put an end to?
  • Hiss is a beta app for OSX Mt Lion that routes Growl notifications through the new Notification Centre

Dave Down Under

Apple TV Jailbreak

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That’s all the craic from this weeks Mac.

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Direct download: 105_MacCraic_105_-_Jailbreaking_Down_Under_2.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:57am UTC

Macworld | iWorld

  • The Ultimate Fan Event
  • What About the ones who can’t attend?
  • Virtual Passes to the classes?

Upgrading Old Macs

  • RAM Crucial tool for checking what you can get
  • Upgrade the OS - good for security
  • Check the requirements ( you could be pleasantly surprised)
  • Bring some life to an aging machine

MacBook Air

  • Where does it sit in todays world of the iPad?
  • How is Stu enjoying his new baby?

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That’s all the craic from this weeks Mac.

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Direct download: MacCraic_104_-_As_Light_as_a_Fart.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:23pm UTC

This week playing the part of David Shortle is the wonderful Steve Stanger. Steve is a long time Mac Guru and podcaster ( Justin and Steve chat about the recent Apple event which was focused on education and also indulge in common passions like photography and Mac Maintenance. So grab a cup of coffee, actually better make that a pot of coffee as this one goes long, and enjoy some Craic with Steve and Justin.


Apple - Apple Events - Apple Special Event January 2012

  • iBooks 2

    • What has changed?

      • enabled for multi media
      • highlight and note taking (only for new text books, doesn’t work for existing ePub books).
      • flash cards made from glossary and notes
    • Why is it important?

      • different ways different people learn
        • aural
        • visual
        • readers
        • tactile
    • What are the weaknesses?

      • dogma within educational institutions
      • dependance on one distribution channel
      • The haves and have nots - Not every student has an iPad
      • Tough battle for Apple. Won’t be a quick win like the iPad was for example
  • iBooks Author

    • What is it?

      • application that allows mere mortals to create interactive books
      • iWeb for publishing
      • fairly easy to use
    • How can regular users get the most out of it?

      • play with it
      • Combine it with other iLife and iWork applications - media browser
      • incorporate previous material into the app
    • What are the gotchas?

  • iTunes U

    • Now has been elevated to its own app.
    • integration with ibooks
    • some fantastic courses available for free

Photography in the age of modern smartphones

Quick Mac maintenance

  • Recommended software - MainMenu or Onyx
  • back up before performing any maintenance
  • before performing maintenance quit all applications

  • Daily/Weekly

    • keep software up to date
    • reboot every couple of days if you keep you Mac on 24/7
    • back up
  • Monthly

    • repair system/disk file permissions
    • manually run daily, weekly & monthly maintenance scripts
  • Once or twice a year (six month preventative maintenance)

    • zap parameter ram (PRAM) - hold down Command, Option, P, and R
    • rebuild LaunchServices
    • rebuild or delete System, User, Internet, and font caches

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That’s all the craic from this weeks Mac.

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Direct download: MacCraic_103_-_We_Dont_Need_No_Education.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:46pm UTC


App Stores and Finding Apps


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That's all the craic from this weeks Mac.

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Direct download: MacCraic_102b_-_How_Clean_is_Your_Clam_.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:27pm UTC

Battery Issues

Battery Maintenance

Anti Virus and the Mac


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That's all the craic from this weeks Mac.

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Direct download: MacCraic_102a_-_How_Clean_is_Your_Clam_.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:41am UTC

With Dave on vacation it is a chance for Justin to have the show be all about him. Thankfully Paul Shadwell was on hand to keep him honest and rein him in a little when he dared to get out of hand.

Latency and the Cloud

Paul expands on the post and tells how the ping is to the network card and that there could be issues with the server that the ping will not show because of that.

Home network set ups

Mac as a wifi base station

Go Pro and video editing on a Harley

Macworld | iWorld


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That's all the craic from this weeks Mac.

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Direct download: MacCraic_101.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:57pm UTC

Show notes at 

Direct download: 100_MacCraic_100_-_Return_of_the_Craic.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:04pm UTC

The boys forego any semblance of structure and talk about the anything they can find on their Evernote. Enjoy !

Financial results for 2Q 2011: busted the analysts expectations once again.

PS- Should have noted that iPad2 sales were not up to scratch but when you have "the mother of all backlogs" to fill, putting some of that $66bn cash mountain to use helps.


Preview app in Lion will act as Word, Excel, PowerPoint viewer: So now it becomes the jack of some more trades :-) .

Gruber- iOS location storing is a bug, getting fixed in future iOS update : Fix this fast Cupertino as this could get messy quickly. Do believe this is an oversight though, not a Big Bro situ in any way.

Rumor- iPhone 5 Gets Tapered Design, Larger Screen, Gesture-Sensitive Home Button? : And it will drive you to work in the morning too :-)  . Rumours, ya gotta love 'em

Yum iMac Coffee Table an Innovative Form of Computer Recycling : This is a really cool example of practical recycling ...... for five grand a pop.

Other Order of Business:

Games, EA Sales Drop: Did everybody go for these instead of Easter eggs ?

Simplenote & nvALT : Have used 'em to write up these shownotes on Mac & iPad. This is a perfect combo up there with Riggs & Murtagh or Laurel & Hardy :-)

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That’s all the Craic from this week’s Mac !

Direct download: 99_MacCraic_99_-_Macs_Well_Smart.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:24am UTC

The boys get up to the usual tomfoolery as the review the news while Justin speaks about catching the early worm ( or something like that :-) ). So sit back and indulge for your listening pleasure.


Growth of iOS : A new survey from MobileMix with charts galore showing the ongoing march of the iOS platform especially with the introduction of the iPhone4 to the Verizon network. Even though Android still has majority of the market individual companies that licence Android only hold about 3% of the market on average while iOS owned by Apple only has 31% of impressions.
Would be curious to see how many Verizon iPhones have been activated and could this stymie the Droid's growth in future.

Future of Mac Design : The hiring of Kevin Kenney who is a composites engineer by Apple who has been advising them on the use of carbon composite materials in prototype devices. The guy also has expertise in the supply chain area but don't think that your are gonna see an iBike in the next Tour de France

Begun the 3D Wars have: Pretty cool demo that uses the front facing camera on an iPad2 ( also could work on iPhone/iPod Touch) and with some software wizardry tracks your face and generates in this case a 3d UI. Pretty cool vid to check out at end of article.


Moov: An Israeli start up that have created a case for iPhone4 that you put it into in order to wirelessly send video to your HDTV.


Lifestyle Changes: The Just gets up earlier in the morning to catch the early worm. Would you take on this lifestyle & what would you do with all those worms ? You could write a book too :-)

Other order of business:

Escape from the Flash: Yes, folks finally we can stop being the guys throwing stones in the glasshouse and state that our site is now HTML5 ready for audio and video with new Wordpress plugin. That worked after Justin changed some of the site's plumbing to make it play nice, if a person is using Chrome, Safari or other HTML5 compliant browser. Otherwise it defaults to Flash if you visit with an older browser, but the question then would be... WHAT'S UP WIT DAT ?

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That’s all the Craic from this week’s Mac !

Direct download: 98_MacCraic_98_-_Giving_Head.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:55pm UTC

Show notes to follow.

Direct download: 97_MacCraic_97_-_Shootin_the_Shit.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:00am UTC

This week, the boys after a little absence from the podcast waves decide to return with a vengeance to discuss all things Apple and also whether or not a certain sync service which I believe should allow you to go pants-less could take off in a big way could take off (pardon the pun) due to two services in particular being built on top of it. Also, one D Shortle talks about his new Pad.

So sit back all you fans & enjoy the craic.


Nokia patent case : Basically, Nokia have been caught with their pants around their ankles here as the International Trade Commission side with Apple over the alleged breach of five Nokia patents. After this ruling they decided to make a complaint about six more. C’mon Espoo, where is the love ?
(Espoo is the location of Nokia’s HQ for those not au fait :-) )

Sidestep Automatically Secures Your Mac’s Connection on Unsecure Networks : Wow, this app is most useful for all those who insist on doing their online banking on public Wi-Fi networks. Creates a secure tunnel to a proxy server of your choosing, It’s free and OSX only.

iWeb for iPad : Suppose they may as well join the party since Garageband & iMovie are already there. All aside though this is a pretty cool patent of iOS version of app that allows you to easily create websites & blogs. Wonder if this will be introduced at WWDC along with news of free hosting at the new North Carolina data centre ? Does give another arrow for the bow of iPad now becoming an even more powerful content creation device.

GarageBand update : This was to make sure that it plays nice with projects created on the iPad version of this truly amazing app.

Discussion n’ Impression:

Dave takes the plunge for the (i)Pad : What can I say folks, I really love this iPad2 & discussed with Justin how I purchased the last one in Wexford Town to what apps I’m running (mainly games) on this new device. Love it’s thin n’ light profile, the amazing speed (try running “Infinity Blade” on it ) & battery life. This is replacing my MacBook Pro as my portable computer of choice. Also kicked a Póg Mo Thóin in here regarding the RTE News Now iPad app UI (home section- it’s like a sliding puzzle! ) compared to how the Sky News app UI has been designed (way slicker) .

PS- The iPad version of RTE News Now is nowhere to be found in App Store (what’s going on here now? ..hmmm)

Interesting Apps Found:

Real Racing 2 HD: Not alone is this app a showcase for showing the graphical muscle of your new iPad 2, it also is due for an update from it’s developer Firemint (creator of the awesome Flight Control) that will allow you to output the game’s graphics to your shiny 1080P TV via the iPad2 HDMI connection. However, it will allow you to show race telemetry independently on your iPad which you also use to steer your car onscreen, this is big as up to now mirroring your iPad display to TV was only known about. Being able to independently display other items on you iPad2 display such as controls could lead eventually to home consoles being replaced by your iPad2 or iPhone5 (presuming it gets A5 chip).

Pixelate 2.0: This is an iOS app that allows your iOS device with a camera to change the colour of let’s say the wall in your bedroom virtually to see how it will look. It can produce the same kind of magic on clothing but no flesh colours now.

The next two apps take advantage by building on top of my favourite pants-less syncing service Drop Your Jocks Dropbox

Dropvox: An iOS app that allows you to record voice memos or maybe interviews if you like and store them in your Dropbox account, it’s a really simple but effective app for the function it is carrying out.

Frenzy: This is an OSX only app that resides in your menubar and effectively allows you to create your own private social network that you are in control of not Facebook. This is an innovative use of the Dropbox service & their API’s.

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That’s all the Craic from this week’s Mac !

Direct download: 96_MacCraic_96_-__Drop_Your_Jocks.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:12pm UTC

In this weeks show we eavesdrop on a conversation between Justin and David and discover some cool stuff that David has discovered over the past few weeks.   Justin describes how his iPad came to the rescue in London's Heathrow Airport and we finally get back to a more regular schedule.   So sit back, grab the whiskey, pray for your sanity and most of all enjoy the Craic.

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That's all the craic from this week's Mac

Direct download: 95_MacCraic_95_-_Eavesdropping.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:05pm UTC

For the first show back for 2011 the guys talk about the results of Justin's Twitter Poll about the return of the clean tag.   Justin sings the praises of his iPad that Mrs MacCraic got him for Christmas.   They discuss the uses of iOS devices in the education system.  Justin finally gets the problems with his Fucked up Mac (episode 92).   So sit back and enjoy the first Craic of 2011.

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Tag- That's all the craic from this week's Mac

Direct download: 94_MacCraic_94_-_Polls_Pads_and_Touching.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:57am UTC

The boys put together their Xmas list and since it's Xmas everybody has a list... don't they ?

Sit back, relax with some eggnog (if that's your thing) & enjoy.

Justin App 1: Bento- Filemaker Inc

Dave App 1:  Cut the Rope- Zepto Labs

Justin App 2: Mindnode- Mindnode

Dave App  2: Axe in Face- Blue Carrot Games

Justin App 3: Omnifocus- The Omni Group

Dave App 3: GFX Card Status- - now at version 2.0

Justin App 4: TextExpander- Smile Software

Dave App 4:  Mirror's Edge- EA - now reduced to $0.99/€0.79 for Xmas along with other EA games

Justin App 5: Pocket Cloud- Wyse Technology

Dave App 5: iMind Sphere- Atom Studios

Justin App 6: Bamboo Tablet- Wacom

Dave App 6: Tron Legacy- Disney Interactive

No sponsors to worry about for foreseeable future, but hey we are open to any newcomers who want a mention :-p

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Tagline- That's all the craic from this week's Mac.



Nosillacast: The Lost File

Direct download: MacCraic_93.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:00am UTC

This week the boys discuss the state of the Pad & apologize for the gap between shows. We'll try to get back to a more regular footing going forward. We also somehow discussed nude canoeing during the show, so sit back & enjoy.




  • iPad in big business: Apple give 4 case studies on their site showing how the iPad is making a difference in the corporate space from a large internationally well known hotel chain to a small dentist practice in mid-town Manhattan.
  • OS 4.2 update: The boys review some extra features that have been introduced to the beta release.
  • Eat my Pad: Not exactly a Bart Simpson comeback but rather a recent NPD survey discussing how Apple are cannibalizing the lower-end of notebook as well as the netbook market but not by 50%.



Sponsor - GoDaddy

Unseen, Undressed & Uncalled For

Dave's App of the Week
  • The app picked this week for once is not an iOS app but rather an OSX based one which is a very handy utility for keeping your CPU well behaved by the name of App Tamer from St Claire Software.
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Direct download: 91_MacCraic_91_-_The_State_of_Your_Pad.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:33am UTC

Hi MacCraic'ers , this week the boys get through the news in the usual MacCraic style dealing everything from Auto Erotic Mac through to the new Cupertino Commandments. Sit back with your cup of tea/coffee, your Kit-Kat & enjoy.



Sponsor - GoDaddy

Unseen, Undressed & Uncalled For

  • We decided to try this again using "macintosh" as search term this time, how will it turn out? Wonder if we'll end up with another sports related story.

Dave's App of the Week

  • Appshopper Free in App Store- Decided to go meta this week & make my pick an app that keeps an eye on the App Store for any apps that get reduced in price or become free (spin your head wouldn't it). Really like the layout of this app & latest update allows you to do a (originally) Tweetie like pull down to refresh list action.
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Direct download: 90_MacCraic_90_-_The_Craic_is_90.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:00am UTC

Hi MacCraic'ers , this week the boys give their take on the Apple event that took place on Wed 02/09/10 & proceed to have a little disagreement about a certain magical entertainment box. So sit back & listen to the fireworks going off:


Apple Music Event

iPod Shuffle: The buttons made a return, it's 18% bigger with shuffle function. Voiceover function (with a button) is carried over from 3rd gen model, it comes in 5 beautiful colours 2GB of storage for the princely sum of $/€49

iPod Nano: Clickwheel has now gone, being replaced by a 1.9inch square touchscreen with accelerometer but it's not running iOS (though it looks like it does). As a result, it is 30% smaller and it looks like it could fit on your wrist as a watch as it come also with a clip-on like the shuffle (nano case makers at the ready :-) ). It comes in same colours as shuffle in 2 models- 8 & 16GB for €/$149 & €/$179 with a shake to shuffle feature,Nike+ & radio (pause up to 15mins)- but the camera is gone unlike previous gen model.

iPod Touch: The 4th gen comes in 3 models- 8, 32 & 64GB for €/$229 €/$299 & €/$399 respectively. Like the iPhone4 this model contains the Retina Display, A4 processor, a front (for Facetime) & rear facing camera that takes both photos + 720P vids (don't expect the camera to be as good the the iPhone's though), microphone & gyroscope. It also has only 256mb RAM unlike the 512mb on the iPhone4.

AppleTV: Otherwise known as "one more hobby", this entertainment box can now fit in the palm of your hand, has come down to $99/€119. It runs on the A4 processor which also suggests that iOS is powering (and we don't mean that performance suffers) it & it now streams content from iTunes as no local storage is available to sync unlike previous model or your can rent content from AppleTV itself to stream. Airtunes has been enhanced to be called Airplay which will now stream video/audio from your iPad (figure iPhone/iTouch also) to Apple TV & will be introduced in iOS 4.2. David has an issue with lack of broader format support in iTunes & AppleTV which Justin does not agree with.


iTunes10: This was an update which seems to have caused some consternation amongst the faithful due to the icon change (doesn't bug us personally) & "colourless" UI change also ( let's face it iTunes is the UI experimental ground for Apple ), though David had an issue with the Mothership breaching it's own Human Interface Guidelines & resorted to the terminal with a OSX Hints tip to put some manners on the "traffic light" look. Ping the social networking section was introduced though it can't connect with Facebook currently as StevieJ stated "onerous terms" were the issue at moment. iTunes10 broke at moment the use of automator actions but AppleScript remains unaffected. Remember to backup before you download.

As a side note, David's predictions of death to the clickwheel have proved premature as the iPod Classic still lives though has not been updated- guess next year will be the year for this.

The Laptop is alive, well & coming from Cupertino:

Reports are showing that Apple are the only manufacturer who's sales of notebooks are not declining. The lesson to be learned for businesses is- Don't engage in the race to the bottom.

Sponsor - GoDaddy

Unseen, Undressed & Uncalled For

This is a new section of the show where a random "mac" story will be picked from a search on Google news & reacted to MacCraic style. This will either be amazing or an epic fail.

Tip of the Week

Adding colour back to iTunes 10

Getting rid of the "Traffic Lights" on iTunes10

Dave's App of the WeekMirror's Edge from EA €4.99 in App Store- Would describe this as a parkour game set in a dystopian future, excellent graphics, controls & gameplay. However, game time completing all levels in game is shorter than I expected but made up for with other modes including Speed Run & beating online times & earning badges (not like in scouts though :-) ).

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Direct download: 89_MacCraic_89_-_Unseen_Undressed_and_Totally_Uncalled_For.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:30am UTC

This weeks the boys discuss such things as startup mentality in the Mothership, poachers turning gamekeeper & Steve and Allie's meetup in a little town called Maynooth. So sit back in a comfy position & enjoy the show.


SW Updates this week-

Sponsor - GoDaddy

Nosillawalk & Tweet Up :

  • Actions, reactions and the meet-up (or was that piss-up ?) with everyone, including one Mr Paul Shadwell & Facetime chat with one Mr V Caijao (Hope to Jaysus he doesn't hit someone with that mic in Vegas :-) ).

App Review

  • The Incident (€1.59 from Big Bucket Software) For those of us out there who like a little retro dodge the objects falling from sky 8 bit gaming- no connection whatsoever to Scott Pilgrim (PS- Big Bucket also created the "TV Forecast" iOS app & the Dashboard widget for OSX-Awesome!)
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Tag- That's all the Craic from this weeks Mac !

Direct download: 88_MacCraic_88_-_Wiz_Farts_and_Cocktails.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:56pm UTC

This week Justin "The Head Craicer" Byrne takes exception to Andy Inhatko's Jersey Shore/Apple remark as the main Cupertino crew seem share some common traits (though I don't believe that they are sleeping with one another (Dave "Snookie" Shortle) :-) ).


Sponsor - GoDaddy

iPod Touch, iOS4 & the magical disappearing battery life - The boys discuss the curious case of the magical disappearing battery life on Justin's 3G iPod Touch which we could summarise as blame fast app switching or the

Apple TV becoming iTV, getting application support, yet losing full HD? I give my thoughts on whether this "iTV" can handle 1080P, but with an A4 chip

it should be more than capable just like this.

App ReviewShark or Die from HandyGames (Free) For those of us out there who always wanted to be Jaws

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Direct download: 87_MacCraic_87_-_Doding_Grenades_on_the_Jersey_Shore.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:07pm UTC

MacCraic 86 - Sit on my Face.....Time


Sponsor - GoDaddy

Discussions - ipad and it's commercial benefits

Partially discussed- 10 ways Apple's iPad is Changing Healthcare - This shows the massive impact that the iPad is having on the healthcare market.

Papermaster takes on Jobs & loses the Apple Universe - WSJ via 9to5 Mac's take on the story which looks like delay in shipping white iPhone4 being the last straw.  Also check out theBeatweek article

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Direct download: 86_MacCraic_86_-_Sit_on_my_Face.....Time.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:11pm UTC

MacCraic 85 - Craics of the Ivy League

This week Justin and Dave are joined by Steve Stanger of The Mac Attack podcast and blog to discuss what considerations should be taken into account when traveling to college with your Mac.   They discuss Apples - Educational Discount  (Visit and check out what you are entitled to) among many other things which may help keep you and your Mac safe while getting down to the serious business of keggers and fornication, sorry I do mean study.  
Contact details

Tag- Click away, be safe, have fun oops that's not it.

That's all the Craic from this week's Mac !

Justin's Note:   One of the things we did not mention was Apple Care.   Don't buy it from Apple when they try to sell it to you.   You'll get it cheaper if you shop around.   You have one year to purchase and activate it to get the extended warranty and believe me it is worth it.

Direct download: 85_MacCraic_85_-_Craics_of_the_Ivy_League.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:31pm UTC

MacCraic 84 - The Mile High Club

This week the guys return from vacation by talking about vacations. Go figure?

Direct download: 84_MacCraic_84_-_The_Mile_High_Club.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:48pm UTC

MacCraic 83 - The Short One
Direct download: 83_MacCraic_83_-_The_Short_One.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:34pm UTC

MacCraic 82 - Granny Fanny

The boys as usual discuss the latest news that has com from the wonderful world of the bog.. sorry blogosphere with Justin getting a little more obsessed than usual about blue boxes- I'll swear I'll never look at the TARDIS in the same way again, thanks for nothing dude :-)


Dave's Pog Mo Thoin: The "new" Mac Mini (a bit of a bummer really)

Go Daddy Promotion

Justin's App Picks:

  • Magnetic Sports Soccer (Wi-Fi version was fun & less drain on battery than using Bluetooth).
  • Also Air Video (Free)  (stream video from your Mac to iPhone or even iPad)

Emailbag: Message from Brad on Virtualbox with update provided by Dave. Link to Virtualbox changelog

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That's all the craic from this week's Mac

Direct download: 82_MacCraic_82_-_Granny_Fanny.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:55pm UTC

MacCraic 81 - Phones, Cars and Fingering in Italy

This week we discuss Dave's Italian adventure and the keynote from WWDC 2010.

Direct download: 81_MacCraic_81_-_Phones_Cars_and_Fingering_in_Italy.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:58pm UTC

MacCraic 80- The Power of P !


Direct download: 80_MacCraic_80__The_Power_of_P_.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:00pm UTC

MacCraic 79 - Beta My Arse

The boys this week, discuss an accident to one Mr Byrne's beloved Macbook Pro & the tribulations of getting the screen fixed. Along with other issues includingCompu-b support (style over substance perchance ?). Enjoy the show folks.

Justin: The Macbook Pro is (screen) Craic'd & the Compu-b Expert Bar experience

David: The potential trade-in of MBP for i5 MBP- Eeek! for my experience with part of my conversation with a Compu-b employee discussion.

Justin: Sign up for the new MobileMe beta.. but the invite seems to be in beta also :-(

David: How to get code into you Apple IIe - with an iPad which leads us into..With MAXroam’s New SIM, You Can Kiss AT&T Goodbye And Head To Europe With Your iPad

Justin: Describes his use of the application Things in his everyday life- how it keeps him efficient & productive.

Justin Tip: How to put display to sleep using a keyboard shortcut (but ensure you activate password from sleep function)

Dave's Crap App: Fowlplay (not fair !) by Happynin Games AKA Justin catches Dave unawares.

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Tag- That’s all the craic from this week’s Mac

Direct download: 79_MacCraic_79_-_Beta_My_Arse.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:19pm UTC

MacCraic Episode 78 - Working it in the VirtualBox

The boys this week decide to change gears & give you a different kind of show, but rest assured that the MacCraic sense of humor still finds a way in. Sit back, relax & enjoy.

David: My Mifi Experiences (I purchased it from -(no affiliation to them))

Justin: Working the VirtualBox (3.2 beta to be exact)

Go Daddy Promo

Dave's Tip : Subtitles function in Handbrake & there's a blog post on it too. 

Justin: Mac-ing it behind enemy lines (Justin's experience in a Windows environment)

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Tag- That's all the craic from this week's Mac

Direct download: 78_MacCraic_78_-_Working_it_in_the_VirtualBox.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:56pm UTC

MacCraic 77 - Britney Spearsing the Shit out of it

This week, the boys are joined by The Boss from New Jersey (sorry not that one) Steve "The Mac Attack" Stanger to talk about all things Apple as well as hairstyle changes/tips :-). So relax & enjoy this week's show.


Guest Slot - Steve Stanger (

Dave's Slot - Apple sees the light, gets ambient...(patent) & Apple patents invisible interface solution based on light (The war on the button continues)

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MacCraic 76 - Chocolate Nuts and Duffel Coats

Our heroes in a half-shell (Turtle Power ?) are joined by one not so grumpy Bart Busschots for his first ever appearance on MacCraic. Speaking from his secure underground bunker in Switzerland, one Mr Paul "Nuts" Shadwell joins us to give his side of the story when he emailed one Mr S Jobs & got the kind of reply that proves Stevie is reading some of the mails that are being sent to . So sit back & enjoy the crai

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MacCraic 75 - Changing Your Pad

The boys are joined this week by Allison Sheridan (aka Podfeet/classy California chick), who was the inspiration for MacCraic starting out (she'd disavow all responsibility for that now though I'd bet ;-) ). Somehow the boys ended up on Nosillacast's Ustream live (that's playing with fire ;-) ) with thanks to Steve P Sheridan (the man behind the woman). Does she survive till the end of the show ? Tune in if you dare.


GoDaddy Promotion

Special Guest - Allison Sheridan

Justin's tip of the Week - Creating Stationery Pads in OS X

Dave's Make & Do section - Make a Cheap Stylus for iPad and Other Touchscreen Devices [DIY]

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MacCraic 74 - We are the World

This weeks show sees the newly released iPad get the MacCraic treatment. Plus Justin talks about the preparation for doing a "Nuke-and-pave" on his 3 year old MacBook pro.   Sit back and enjoy the Craic.

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MacCraic 73 - iBlog, Therefor I Am

Our dynamic duo are joined this week by Oliver Haslam (AKA the iBlog or Sheffield's favourite son (not counting Sean Bean here)) which therefore makes it a threesome for this week's show. Join us for some craic on our latest episode.



Feature 1 - Oliver Haslam

GoDaddy Promo

Feature 2 - Dave's Slot iPhone SMS database hacked in 20 seconds, news at 11 & are Apple being clever getting others to do their security work for them ?

Justins interesting iPhone App - DVD Ferret

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iTunes comments

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Tag - That's all the craic from this weeks Mac.

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MacCraic 72 - The Birthday Suite

Show notes to follow.

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MacCraic 71 - The Crossing Guard

The mayhem continues as Justin,Dave & the IMP'ers (Bart, Stu & Paul (whiskey in hand-no 18 year old female unfortunately)) come to play in the MacCraic sandbox, where they proceed to litter it with profanity & filth. (Stu also becomes more of a MacCraicer than the MacCraicers themselves)
Listen to part 1 over on IMP (Link)
  • Paul: Reports say 50,000 iPaddies sold within 2 hours - via iPhone Alley
  • Bart: Apple reveal more iPaddy details as pre-orders begin in the US
  • Stu: Apple execs head to the UK for iPaddy data plan negotiations ? - via Macworld UK
  • Justin: Verizon to woo iPaddyers with MiFi - via TidBiTs

Apple Competitor Watch

  • Stu: Steve Ballmer compliments Apple, in other news, hell freezes over! - via TUAW
  • Paul: Roughly 10% of Microsoft staff are iPhone users - via AppleInsider
  • Dave: Jonathan Schwartz lets rip on Apple and Patents - via 9to5 Mac

Go Daddy Ad (link)

  • Justin: Things - GTD app for Mac and iPhone from Cultured Code.
  • Dave: Chrome - Google's alternative browser with extensions (Firefox competitor indeedy)
  • Paul: iCanSee - Turns the iPhone into a magnifying glass
  • Stu: Flow - FTP / Transfer client
  • Bart: Movist - alternative video player for OS X based on VLC, great Mac interface

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Tag – That’s all the craic from this week’s Mac

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MacCraic 70 - The ScreenCast Guy

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MacCraic 69 - Oral Hygiene

MacCraic 69 - Oral Hygiene





  • A Bunch of Muppets in Cupertino
  • Tit Case for iPhone 
  • PowerBook Snow Board


GoDaddy Advertisement



Dave's Slot- Notes from Tim Cook's Goldman Sachs talk (Updated with transcript) and Apple supplier audit reveals sub-minimum wage pay and records of underage labor


Dave's App Pick: Vector Tanks- Battlezone for iPhone/iPod Touch for all the retro-arcade MacCraicers out there. Free on App Store till next Thursday.


Steve Jobs puts it all into perspective- Quick discussion/analysis of some Steve J quips from Apple AGM


Contact details



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MacCraic 68 - Doing it with a Girl Geek

This weeks our heros are joined by non-girlie girl geek, and 24 Fanatic Elaine Giles.   Whatever will these three get up to?

Aperture follow up.

Issues with license key. Apple work around. kb TS3231

Memory leak no comment from Apple on this yet.


Go Daddy promo (no mention of Danica this week)

Guest - Elaine Giles ( Frakking Flash again (why it's not touchscreen ready), Some bits are crucial (part of the chat, trust us) )

Dave's Slot - iTunes Store Moving to the web

Dave's Tool - Air Video

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MacCraic SE - Pat Mahon Macworld 2010

Justin chats to Pat Mahon about his recent trip to Macworld 2010 in San Francisco.   Now who was that getting his photo taken with Pat?  Well you'll have to listen and find out.

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MacCraic 67 - Do I Make You Horny?

This week, our heroes go back to the script but then decide to throw caution to the wind & go for a no holds barred episode that will end up with an explicit tag or could possibly get us in trouble with the Asian community judging by this weeks title.


GoDaddy Promotion

Feature -  Justin's adventures with Aperture 3.. or lack thereof ( and a rare Mildly Miffed Mac Maniac Moment from your host)

Dave's App Pick- iPhone Explorer Turns Your iPhone Into a Disk Drive (and it's free)

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MacCraic 66 - 9 out of 10 Cats Prefer Whiskas

This week, our heroes decide to freestyle it again; bringing you our usual mix of news & humour (which couldn't get any lower than the "Bodyform" musical interludes from last week)

Freestylin' list :

Sponsor - GoDaddy

Dave's app picks of the week:

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MacCraic 65 - MenStation

This week, our heroes discuss all things max-iPad ( you know that little event held last Wednesday in the village of San Francisco ).



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MacCraic 64 - Getting it Wet Our heros return for 2010 with tales of mishaps and adventure in far off lands. Time to take off the pants and enjoy the first MacCraic of the new decade.
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MacCraic 63 - The 12 Apps of Christmas MacCraic's Christmas Special
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MacCraic 61 - Hand Jobs, Blow Jobs and Swiss Rolls This week our heros are joined by Paul Shadwell for a look at...well a variety of Apple news with the usual MacCraic slant. Put the leathers on rev up the engine and ride into the sunset with MacCraic. News Hand (of) Jobs The Square Receipt Blow Jobs Appvent Calander Java Update GoDaddy Advertisement Special Guest - Paul Shadwell Paul on Flickr Paul's website Dave's Gadget of the Week - RedEye Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic 60 - Black Friday and Red Saturday (Ball Sack Crack-i-ak) MacCraic 60 for Wednesday Dec 2 2009 - Black Friday and Red Saturday Apple pops the Cork, Moscow on the iPhone and to iTunes LP Creation to come to iLife maybe. Rebel Apple Store Moscow on the iPhone iTunes LP Creation to come in future iLife MacPros to get Core I9 GoDaddy Ad Outro
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MacCraic 59 - Thank You So Bloody Much This week our heros celebrate Thanksgiving (in true MacCraic style) and Dave goes back to the future.
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MacCraic Episode 58 - Taking the Helm This week an old friend stops by and chats with out heros. Stu Helm of the International Mac Podcast hangs out in the MacCraic mansion. Stu talks about his conversion to Mac and his fear and dread about what lay in store for him at the mansion. Drop the pants, make the cup of tea and enjoy the Craic. News Worm Penetrates into Jailbroken Devices Windoze: Think Alike Our Way or the Highway Rogue Amoeba Quit App Store We Don't Do Satire Livestream Procaster Beam Me Up Scotty Updates This week 10.6.2 (Client and Server), Safari 4.0.4, Wireless Keyboard 2.0, Security Update 2009-006 (Server and Client) GoDaddy Promotion Guest Chat - Stu Helm of International Mac Podcast Daves Geek App - Superhero Daves Tip of the Week - Watch Jonathan Ive's Segment in Objectified Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 57 - Typical, Flippin' Typical This week our heros welcome the Typical Mac User himself, Mr. Victor Cajiao to the show and find out about his start in podcasting as a Typical PC User, his switching to Mac, his photography and related podcast, and rediscovering his love of music. Time to grab your favourite drink and maybe a cigar and enjoy a chat with one of the hardest working men in podcasting. Welcome to this weeks MacCraic. News Super CEO of the Decade Stick 'Em up Again Grab and Go iMac Arm Bending Apple drops Atom Bomb on NetBook Market GoDaddy Promotion Special Guest Interview - Victor Cajiao of the Typical Media Group iPhone App of the week Nikon Learn and Explore Crap App of the week (by Victor) Cry Translator Tip of the Week - Exposée and Active corners Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 56 - Dirty Movie Editing In a truncated show this week our heros have a look at editing your movies on the go and Disney get another look in. Get ready as this is time for your weekly dose of the Craic. Disney iPhone Apps Changes to Apple Stores Down and Dirty Movie Editing on iPhone Apple TV Update iTunes Update GoDaddy Promotion Unlaunched Apple Tablet from 1990 Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 55 - Keychests and Chastity Belts This week our heros discuss the new products introduced by Apple, something up Disney's sleeve and an Irish author who is a Mac enthusiast. Put on the comfey slippers, remove the pants and enjoy this weekc 'Craic.
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MacCraic Episode 54 - Spanking Snow White This week D-Shorts and Justin talk about the benefits of disciplining Disney, and there is an interesting discussion about playing with balls. Time to leave the world behind and immerse yourself in the world of the MacCraic. News Jobs Bigger Thank Oprah Viagra for the Radio Star Leaky Address Book Cops Endorse Mac A Spanking for Snow White iPhone Exposé In App Purchases from Inside Fee Apps Project Squirrel Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll and the USATF GoDaddy Promotion Feature 1 - iLongPlay Daves PMT (if any) - Dave's Dongle Dave's App - Click to Flash Justins Tip of the Week - Spotlight Searches Faces & Places Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 53 - Blow Me This week our heros wish the Typical Mac User a very happy birthday, they discuss the ongoing saga that is the App Store approval process and also have a look at Dave's gadget. It is that time of the week again, time for the comfy slippers, the easy chair, time to sit back and enjoy your weekly fix of MacCraic (pants are optional). Stephen Gately RIP Happy Birthday Victor Cajiao News GoDaddy Promotion Feature 1 - Flash Feature 2 - NVIDIA Daves PMT - The Wool Begins to Fly as Apple Fleece Woolworths Down Under. Dave's Gadget of the Week - Griffin eXport Cable First thoughts - Tweetie 2 for iPhone Justins Tip of the Week - How to check if your apps are Sno-Lo Compatible. Contact details Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 52 - It's a Big Load of Pollux This week our heros talk about the iPhone being allowed on more carriers, give everyone an update on their Fig Roll research, and discuss fingering a Pollux. Time for your weekly dose of MacCraic. News iPhone Nearly Gets it Right Apple Charts a New Course with Acquisition of Mapmaker Nobody Move or the iPhone Gets it A Tablet a Day, Newspapers and Magazines to go on the Pill? GoDaddy Promotion Apple Patent - The Next Level in Multi Touch Daves PMT - Systems and Methods for Provisioning Computer Devices Feature 1 - Fig Roll Unibody Research Feature 2 - iPhone Allowed to Download Software for Accessories Feature 3 - Intels Light Peak Daves Gadget of the Week - Pollux Justins Tip of the Week - The three second fig roll dunk Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 51 - Make Mine Extra Creamy This week Dave and Justin set out on a journey of exploration that involves taking some Dublin Bikes to try to discover answers to the age old question "How do Jacob's get the figs into the Fig Rolls?". The usual mayhem ensues. Get comfy, pull on some clean briefs and enjoy the latest installment of MacCraic. News Grand Theft Employee Eminem goes Nuts Dublin Bikes App taken for a Ride Learn Irish from the App Store Starbucks App Radio Nano GoDaddy Promotion Fig Roll Break Feature 1 - 20 Years of Apple Notebooks Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 50 - Sex, Lies and Audio Previews Join Dave and Justin as the get into the latest shenanigans in the Apple world. This week our heros are joined by friend to the show and regular contributor Pat Mahon. Put on the comfy clothes and get ready to let the MacCraic wash over you. News When Friends Fall Out - Apple v Google. App Store Resource Centre or a Rope to Reign them in? 1984 Mac to boldly go Sno-Lo achieving Warp Speed Change in iPhone Revenue Reporting to Blow Your Sox Off. GoDaddy Promotion Dave's Flacid Gadget - iTwinge Guest Pat Mahon Visit to the Apple Store in Belfast New iPhone 3Gs Liverpool TweetUp Daves PMT - From the sublime to the downright ridiculous Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic 49 - Golfballs and Garden Hoses Dave, Justin and Judy review the recent Apple event "It's only Cock and Bull but We Like it". Get the comfy slippers on and relax in the easy chair and get ready for your weekly dose of MacCraic.
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MacCraic Episode 48 - Quicker than a Dose of Epsom Salts MacCraic Episode 48 - Quicker than a dose of Epsom Salts This week Dave and Justin discuss the first week with Sno-Lo, a robbery in lightning quick time at an Apple store and some Dick at Apple is bursting a developers bubble. Time to snort that weekly line of MacCraic. News A week with Sno-Lo and rumours of an update already Crooks clean out Apple Store quicker than a dose of epsom salts Apples Dick bursts Stump's Bubble SEC probing Apple stock trading It's only Rock 'n' Roll but we like it Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 47 - Ooo the Size of it The first recording from Dave's Den sees our heros chat about the size of Steve's unit and Sno-Lo showing it's claws. Get ready to snort your weekly line of MacCraic. News Job's Unit Bigger than Al Fayed's Scott has a Chinese Sno-Lo shows it's Claws Feature 1 - Dave - Bill Campbell Justins Tip of the Week - Watch Don McAllister's SCO video before upgrading Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic 46 - Chit Chat 'Cross the City Dave and Justin have a chat about the release of Sno-Lo and Apple's response to the FCC.
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MacCraic Episode 45 - Poached Apples This week Justin is joined by Pat Mahon as Dave takes a little break from the show. Pat and Justin discuss the recent events in the Applesphere and Pat talks about his lovely 24". Kick back, relax and get ready for MacCraic. News Is there a Gamekeeper in the House? Is that a Leopard Footprint in the Snow Matt is back but at a price Cá bhfuil mo 3Gs? Touch me, I'm Windoze Safari 4.0.3 Airport Client Update MacBook & MacBook Pro Leopard Security Update Feature 1 - Pat - 24" Apple Monitor Feature 2 - Justin - Securing your Mac (via macfixit) Justins Tip of the Week - Keep listening to MacCraic Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic 44 - App Store, Crap Store In an angry version of this weeks show Dave and Justin discuss the recent fiasco that is the App Store. Also we welcome a new sponsor to the show GoDaddy who we are very pleased to have on board. Get yourself settled into your comfy chair and enjoy this weeks MacCraic. Happy Birthday Don McAllister News Schmict removed from the Core Another one bites the dust GarageBand 5.1 Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 10.5.8 Feature 1 - David - Apple dislikes jailbreaking for a number of reasons...let us count the ways Feature 2 - Justin - Is it time to stop giving Apple our money Dave's Mac Accessory of Interest: Kanex Mini DisplayPort Adapter With Audio Review: Someone Finally Gets It Right Justins Tip of the Week - Don't buy any apple shit until they get their act sorted out with regards to the app store. Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic 43 - Walking with the Dinosaurs This week sees a return to the familiar format accompanied by a switch to new audio equipment. Dave and Justin refreshed from a nice vacation and a week back in the real world now look at what has been happening this week in the world of Mac and iPod. Grab that beverage and kick off the shoes for this weeks MacCraic. News Apple's New Pill Project "Cocktail" Make and Do from Lifehacker Updates to TimeCapsule Feature 1 - Dave - Unreleased Apple Prototypes Link to prototype book: A Fine Line: How Design Strategies are shaping the Future of Business Feature 2 - Justin - Aperture v Lightroom Daves PMT - Google Voice Daves Touchgasm of the Week - Sega Justins Tip of the Week - Use Spotlight as a Calculator Contact details Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 42 - We're all back from a Summer Holiday MacCraic returns after a two week break for a well earned summer vacation. Dave and Justin refreshed from the break have a look at what has been going on since they last chatted and are joined by special guest Pat Mahon for a look at the MiFi's arrival on this side of the pond. Kick back and enjoy the return of the madness. Contact details Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 41 - The Independence of the Mac This week Dave and Justin celebrate July 4th with the usual blend of MacCraic humour. This weeks show was sponsored by the nice folks at Kellogs, makers of the wonderful snap, crackle and pop Rice Krispies. Grab a bowl and enjoy.
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MacCraic Episode 40 - Livering it up in Cupertino
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MacCraic 39 - No Garter Required A little change of format this week just to mix things up. Dave and Justin discuss things including Apple's search for a Dublin site for an Apple Store and the new iPhone 3.0 operating system. Put on the kettle, make that cup of you favourite beverage, sit back and enjoy MacCraic.
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MacCraic Episode 38 - Aftermath of WWDC '09 Dave and Justin take to the square ring this week and mix it up in typical MacCraic fashion as they give their views on the keynote from this years WWDC. News Enter the Matrix - WWDC '09 SnoLo to ship in Sept Video Editing comes to the iPhone My Bill App Feature 1 - Justin Lowepro 350 Backpack Review Feature 2 - Dave's Reflections on Apple's WWDC 09 Keynote Contact details Subscribe in iTunes (link) On Mevio Mevio {Mevio-77b27747b319a5e879baf37c36e2982b}
Direct download: 38_MacCraic_38_-_Aftermath_of_the_Royal_Rumble.mp3
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MacCraic Episode 37 - How Big is Yours? Intro News Mock Ups of New Apple Store in Shanghai Extended Warranty on Machines with Faulty NVDIA Graphics Chips More leaks about Snow Leopard Features Realtime Editing of 1080P in Final Cut Studio 3 New iPhone Models? Could Be! Updates iLife Support 9.0.3 iMovie 8.0.3 Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.6 for Aperture iDVD 7.0.4 iPhoto 8.0.3 AirPort Utility 5.4.2 for Mac AirPort Utility 5.4.2 for Windows QuickTime 7.6.2 for Mac QuickTime 7.6.2 for Windows GarageBand 5.0.2 iTunes 8.2 for Mac iTunes 8.2 for Windows MobileMe Control Panel for Windows link to all updates here Feature 1 - Dave - Apple Early Business Documents Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
Direct download: 37_MacCraic_37_-_How_Big_is_Yours_.mp3
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MacCraic Episode 36 - Return of the Pod-i Just before we get into this weeks show I want to apologise for the poor sound quality on last weeks podcast. We are trying to trace the roots of it and deliver the best quality we can. Over the past two weeks there has been a buzzing that has crept into the podcast and lasted for approximately 30 seconds. I'm not sure what is causing it but every effort is being made to address this. Now on with the show. MacCraic Episode 36 for Saturday May 30, 2009 - Return of the Pod-i Intro News Psystar Runs Out of Republic Credits Fighter Class MacBook White Primed for Battle Japanese Padawans to be given free iPhones Sabres One Licence to rule them all Updates iWork 09 0.0.2 MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Feature 1 - Apple's Response: New Macbook Airs, Netbooks & iTablet from MacOSRumors Justins Tip of the Week - Bulk Deleting Images fromt the iPhone/iPod Touch Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
Direct download: 36_MacCraic_36_-_Return_of_the_Pod-i.mp3
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MacCraic Episode 35 - I'll Be Back This week Dave talks about things coming down in Amsterdam due to a problem with elastic, Justin talks about Apples inability to plug a hole and special guest Pat Mahon looks at two firm and solid stands for your bits. Intro News New Aussie Store Open Let the Push Begin Stanford iTunes U iPhone Dev Course Reaches 1 million Downloads in Record Time Jave Hole Remains Unplugged How Hot are Apple Products Feature 1 - Dave - What About those App Prices Feature 2 - Guest Review - Pat Mahon Just Mobile Xtand for iPhone Rain Design Mstand Justins Tip(s) of the Week Quickly Put Your Mac To Sleep Eject that stubborn DVD/CD Contact details Liverpool Tweet Up Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
Direct download: 35_MacCraic_35_-_Ill_Be_Back.mp3
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MacCraic Episode 34 - I'm a Mac This week Dave has some trouble with his Windows PC while Justin has a small audio hiccup mid podcast (sorry for the bad audio about half way through. I don't know what caused it.). Our duo have a look at the latest update to Leopard, discuss where hardware could be going and somewhat of a mix up with Steve's house. Intro RIP Joe Gantly (former MD Apple Europe) Before we get into the news we would like to extend our depest sympathies to the family of Joe Gantly former MD of Apple Europe who died suddenly at his home in Cork. Joe was with Apple from 1990 to 2004 and oversaw the transition of the Cork plant from that of manufacturing to a world class operations centre. News New Mac Ads 10.5.7 update Snowie This week Justin had a chance to get a close up look at the latest cat and you can get a look at it too by visiting the link. Have a closer look at Snow Leopard. All Apps being tested for 3.0 compatibility Slingplayer on iPhone Steve Jobs Gets Approval to take a Dump in his House Feature 1 - Dave - Chromium also would suggest giving Stainless a spin also. Feature 2 - More on Justin's Photography Exploits MacCraic Flickr Photostream Justins Tip of the Week - Don't use software update. Use the combo updater. Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 33 - The Final Frontier This week Dave and Justin boldly go where no MacCraic has gone before and enlist the assistance of Pat Mahon who gives a review of Bento for the iPhone. News More awards for Apple iPhone and Notebooks TwApple Google Apple relationship under scrutiny Helping you get productive Dropzone for Mac Parental Controls are coming with iPhone 3.0 Also in 3.0 taking better pictures Making money from Free Apps Feature 1 - Bombs Away Feature 2 - First Typical Shutter Bug Podcast Irish Chapter Photowalk MacCraic Flickr Photostream Bart Busschots Flickr Photostream iLamp Pat Mahon talks about Bento for the iPhone Justins Tip of the Week - Making an iTunes Wishlist Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 32 - Life's a Beach This week MacCraic issues an apology for last weeks show and presses ahead with a show focused on the summer and trips to the seaside. We look at the week in legal matters that have affected Apple and others. Plus Grace and Erin stop by for a splash in the MacCraic pool. Intro News Apples Lawyers try to Bully a Wiki Apple found guilty of willful patent infringement Is iTunes becoming a "Bag of Hurt"? More lessons added to GarageBand Feature 1 - Defender Chronicles Feature 2 - Discussion on Trade Marks gone mad Feature 3 - Work on in house iPhone Chips Slows Justins Tip of the Week will return next week. Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic, Episode 31 - Shiver Me Jiblers This week Captain Justin and First Mate Shortle take a look at the booty that the good ship Apple took in for quarter two of 2009, along with a rant about shaking babies and making them walk the plank. Arrr it be a good week to be a MacCraic subscriber. Intro News Quarterly Conference Call New Get a Mac Ads Jibbler Voice Recognition added in iPhone 3.0? Hulu Working on an iPhone App Amazing Screenshots of Chillingo's Upcoming Game Snow Leopard to offer screen recording via QuickTime X Player Feature 1 - Dave reviews Tweetie Feature 2 - Justin talks about a new camera purchase Daves PMT - baby shake app Justins Tip of the Week - Locking your Data with Disk Images Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 30 - Crashing Towards a Billion Well Apple are heading towards their one billionth app download and are running a competition for customers as a celebration. Dave and Justin have a look at the things that make the app store special and look at the other news from the Applesphere this week. Intro News 20" iMac deal for Schools Is 10.5.7 immanent? MacBook Air External Battery Mac Sales Down in Q1 Closing in on the 1billion apps downloaded Crash Bandicoot hits 1million downloads Are Apple looking at a Unibody iPod? Updates Aperture iMovie Server Admin Tools Feature 1 - Dave - Twittercentric, Tweetie for the Mac, Nambu Feature 2 - Justin - Drive Genius 2 part 2 the next step Justins Tip of the Week - Sleeping Your iPod Touch Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic, Episode 29 - Is There a Genius in the University? This week the Flying Doctors give it up for University College Cork on becoming the first university in Ireland to be accepted into the iPhone Developer Programme. They give some emergency care to Dave's Time Machine Back up drive and advice for a longer healthier battery life. So sit back and listen to your doctor's advice - this is MacCraic. Intro Get Well Soon Pat. News UCC first in Ireland with iPhone University Developer status Stanford Course On How To Build iPhone on iTunes U (link opens iTunes) New Xserve is released Variable Pricing is a Go iTunes 8.1.1 iTunes issue with movie art work Feature 1 - Drive Genius 2 fixes Dave's Time Machine Drive Daves PMT - Bono Justins Tip of the Week - Tips for a great battery life (courtesy of Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 28 - 101 Ways Your Mac Can Improve Your Sex Life Well the dates for both WWDC 2009 and Macworld 2010 have been announced and this week Dave and Justin discuss the significance of the dates. Also this week we give a shout-out to Apple and congratulate the organisation on celebrating its 33rd birthday. (Note we say organisation as the company was not incorporated until January 1977). We look at a couple of new VOIP and IM applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch namely Skype and Yahoo Messenger plus Dave and Justin talk about the iPod accessories they purchased while in the USA earlier this year. Welcome to MacCraic. Intro News Happy Birthday Apple WWDC 2009 Macworld 2010 Snow Leopard watch MiniDisplay Port Adapter includes HDCP Skype for iPhone Yahoo Messenger Who you gonna Call? Ghostbusters Feature 1 - Dave on IUGO's A.D.D and Star Hogs Feature 2 - Justin on Belkin TuneBase FM Justins Tip of the Week - MacHeist bundle for some fantastic deals on software Contact details Outro
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MacCraic Episode 27 - Live Long and Prosper This week on MacCraic Dave and Justin look at the MacHeist Bundle, talk Star Trek and discuss several updates and issues that Justin had in a recent iTunes 8.1 update. News International Shipping from Apple MacHeist Bundle get them while there hot Is the 17" iMac on the way back? The 17" MacBook Pro gets cooler Star Trek on the iPhone InstallerApp or Jailbreaking lite Updates (link) iLife 09 iPhoto iMovie iWeb iDVD GarageBand iWork 09 Keynote Pages Numbers Feature 1 - MacHeist Bundle Justin's experience Feature 2 - iTunes 8.1 a disaster story Daves PMT - iPhone App Refund Policies Justins Tip of the Week - Check MacFixIt before updating Contact Details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 26 - iPod therefore I am This week Dave and Justin are recovering from St. Patrick's Day and from being on the International Mac Podcast (link). They take a look at the iPhone event and celebrate Justin's birthday. Intro News Techie Thumb Tacks Elgato Turbo.264 HD now 1080p friendly iPhone 3.0 Feature 1 - Safari 140 (link) Justins Tip of the Week - locations in iPhoto 09 Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 25 - The Greening of the Mac This week Dave and Justin are looking forward to celebrating St. Patrick's Day and have a look at the happenings in the world of Mac. Intro News iPod Shuffle gets a refresh (link) Is this the next gen of iPhone (link) Pirating iTunes Gift vouchers (link) Updates iTunes 8.1 (link) Front Row 2.1.7 Feature 1 - Kindle App review Feature 2 - Wand for Apple TV? Maybe? (link) Justins Tip of the Week - Bookmarking Groups of tabs in Safari Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 24 - I Love it When a Plan Comes Together This week Dave and Justin have a look at the"New" Macs from Apple while paying homage to a great 1980's TV show. Can you guess what it is? I'll give you a hint: there is an "A" in team. Also on the show Dave is having problems with his winky. Intro News Car Crashes through a Mac Authorised reseller store Man U golie uses iPod to sus the other team out before penalties. Kindle comes to the App Store Updates iLife 09 Updates Airport Utility Update Airport Firmware Updates Daves PMT - MSI Winki rips off OS X UI Feature - Discuss on "New" Macs Justins Tip of the Week - Multiple iPhoto Libraries Contact details e-mail to: Outro iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 23 - Hyperactive Squirrels No Jobs for shareholders, Safari 4 Beta and Hyperactive Squirrels.
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MacCraic Episode 22 - The Reliable Old Banger MacCraic Episode 22 for Saturday, February 21 2009 Intro News Unwired Airport Express Down Under An Apple Store for Dublin - NOT Stripping the 17" Unibody Mac Mini Photos More to come from Multi-Touch? To Fart or not to Fart And from the bad taste asile What is up with Hulu, gone from Boxee, now on front row Flash Updates Apple releases MacBook SMC Update 1.3 Issues with Security Update 2009-001 Feature 1 - Ngmoco Announces ‘TouchPets Dogs’ Feature 2 - iPhoto 2009 First impressions Daves PMT - Companies introducing iPhone Killers at Mobile World Congress 2009. Outro
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MacCraic Episode 21 - Lets Get It On MacCraic 21 - Lets Get it On Last week I did an interview with David Allen aka wizardgold on twitter for his podcast Mac20Q. David and I had a good old chat and I would encourage all the MacCraic listeners to hurry on over and give David some love at David has been working non stop on getting shows in the can for this and there is a ton of fantastic interviews with other Mac users on there. Check it out now for an orgey of Mac. News Dancing with the Woz Is the Apple TV to get some lovin' from Apple? iTunes Replay, Truth or Fiction? Palm, Google and Apple The iPhone is a thing to Marvel at More details on the Leopards Chaning Spots Security update Feature 1 - iLife '09 Feature 2 - Apple Script 1-2-3 Justins Tip of the Week Printing to PDF. Contact details
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MacCraic Episode 20  - Apples, Oranges and Pears This week we look at an attitude adjustment Steve P. Jobs style, Pirates getting Pirated and Apples, Oranges and Pears in a fruity edition of MacCraic. News Attitude Adjustment SPJ Style Fighting in the Clone Wars Moves to the Outer Rim Could Apple TV become a TV? Nehalem Processors and mabye New Macs? Snow Leopard Getting Closer More Delays in the Supply Chain Oranges and Apples I C U - Video Calls for the iPhone? Apple and Adobe working on Flash (according to Adobe at least) App Cracking Software gets Pirated Mac Tablet Mobile Computing and Battery Life Updates GarageBand Dave's App of the week Outro
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MacCraic Episode 19 - Schizophrenic Chimps MacCraic Episode 19 - Schizophrenic Chimps
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This week Dave and Justin celebrate Mac's 25th Birthday, discuss the fighting words from Tim Cook and recieve a first hand account of the inauguration of US President Barack Obama. Plus Dave geeks out about the Fast Show. Intro Comment from last weeks show from listener fatyank News Hot Apples and Sweaty Palms SEC see way to Investigate Happy 25th Birthday Mac. Super Bowl XVIII Ad. Matte Screen in 15" MacBook Pro Rumour 15" model of the MacBook Air Speed-bump for White MacBook iTunes store in the US added 376 new SD movie rentals Ustream App on the iPhone Updates. Quicktime 7.6 Server Admin Tools 10.5.6 Patents - Dynamic Volume Adjustment US Inauguration coverage by Sharon Benn Tip of the week - Lock your Mac using Fast User Switching (FUS) Outro
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MacCraic Episode 17 - The Monkeys are back from Barbados This week Dave and Justin discuss the leave of absence being taken by Steve Jobs, more inconsistency from the App Store approval committee, look at where Apple displays and devices may be heading following a $500 million deal with LG and Dave talks about a new toy he got on his recent trip to LA. News Jobs takes a sickie Security vulnerability in Safari Psystar and the licensing of OS X New Browsers on the iPhone Wackey patents LG displays DRM Free iTunes 17” batteries Dave's talks about his new Logitech stand link plus his new western digital my passport link . Tip of the week - Shut down Outro
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MacCraic Special Edition - Macworld '09 Keynote & Nosillacast Dave and Justin give their views on Big Phil's performance in the place of Steve Jobs, what Apple introduced and also a special segment recorded when the MacCraic crew met Allison Sheridan of the wonderful Nosillacast Podcast including a special meeting with Honda Bob.
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MacCraic Episode 16 Outtakes Warning Explicit Language
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MacCraic Episode 16 - Live in LA Farting Chimpanzees MacCraic Episode 16 - Live from Los Angeles Farting Chimpanzees On this weeks episode, Holiday sales of iPhone and iPod Touch give a boos to sales in the App Store, MacCraic in LA, Apple files patent for gesture based text editing, MacCraic in LA, Bono and Steve to throw down, MacCraic in LA and of course farting chimpanzees. Intro News Holiday Boost for the App Store. Patent for gesture based text editing. Bono v Steve Psystar and the tale of Desperate Goings on from LA Tip of the week. Outro
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MacCraic Episode 15 - The 12 Apps of Christmas MacCraic Episode 15 - The 12 Apps of Christmas The MacCraic Christmas Special is finally here. In this episode Santa and his Elf take a look at 12 Mac applications that are not made by Apple but form an important part of their everyday Macintosh LIves. Skype was not in the Christmas spirit on this so apologies to our listeners for the fall out in sound on occasion toward the end of the show. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the MacCraic Listeners. We look forward to seeing you all in 2009. Intro iPhone Finally Unlocked Konami to bring some of their lines to the App Store Japanese Site iPod Tax in New York 10.5.6 Update finally released Macworld News (nothing much going on here - NOT) THE 12 APPS OF CHRISTMAS 1. 1Password 2. Evernote 3. Handbrake 4. ScreenFlow 5. Senuti 6. Skitch 7. TweetDeck 8. ScreenSteps 9. Onyx 10.Disc Inventory X 11.Carbon Copy Cloner 12.Firefox Dave's bonus App - GimmeSomeTune Outro
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MacCraic Series 1, Episode 14 - Flittering through BMW's on Pirate Bay. Intro Psystars change of approach Premium TV killed the iTunes Store (or at least tried to) Something new from Apple in '09 (very vague) Did someone say Chips Open CL ratified 10.5.6 Imminent Firmware updates for late 2008 Notebook range Pastebud Gift ideas for Christmas Cute iPod Speakers MacBook BAMF iPod Speakers (Bad Ass M'thr F'kng) External HDD USP desktop Christmas Tree Mophie Juice Pack iPod Nano Airport Express Stephen Fry's set up and review…/ MADD reflection Outro
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MacCraic S01E13 - May the Farce be with You The Force is with you on this weeks MacCraic as Dave and Justin take a look at the Clone Wars among other battles happening on the Apple front.  There is the return of Dave's Póg mo Thóin (PMT for short) and the conclusion of Justin's look at how you can use your Mac to make Christmas presents for your loved ones. Intro News • IBM, Papermaster Apple Love Triangle continued • Psystar - the Clone Wars • Trade mark infringement • Trolls seen in Eastern Texas • To Anti-Virus or to not Anti-Virus • Mini display port (just below the main port) • Promo codes in the App Store • Vingo one up google • Phone on iPod Touch • Amazon App • Amazon UK mp3 Store Some Apple Statistics • iTunes Market Share • Safari Market Share • Mac OS X Market Share • iPhone Market Share • 10,000 Apps in App Store Dave's PMT Feature ipod problems Garage Band and iDVD for Christmas Present making Tip of the week - Apple Care Outro
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MacCraic Series 1, Episode 12 - No Goats Were Harmed in the Making of this Podcast This weeks show looks at the continuing saga of the Papermaster-gate, has no Dave's Póg mo Thóin but does have a few Mildly Miffed Mac Maniac Moments from Justin and continues the look at how you can use your Mac to create wonderful presents for family and friends with part 3 of the series. And yes we can confirm that no goats were harmed in the making of this podcast. Intro Apple, IBM, Papermaster saga British Advertising Standards Authority kills another Apple Ad Steve's ARK Mac Early Christmas Present from Apple iPod Speeding iPod Touch gets street view (at last the jailbroken version does) How to get street view on Jailbroken iPhone Where oh Where is the Push Notification Speedier iPod Touch App store needs a little bit of Steve's refinement. iTabla Tech Google say Yes we did Updates Quicktime 7.5.7 Safari 3.2.1. Final Cut Pro 6.0.5 Compressor 3.0.5 Color 1.0.3 Shake 4.1.1 Video problems in new macbook SnapTell Explorer iMovie for Christmas Outro
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MacCraic Series 1, Episode 11 - Thank Christmas it's Mac (Part II) Intro Major record labels coming to iTunes Plus Psystar counter claim is dismissed by Judge Papermaster counter sues IBM Prototype MacBook Air found on eBay Snow leopard in quarter 1 2009 Rumor of always on display coming to iPhone Next Gen mobile devices Twitter for stalkers Jerry Yang steps down as CEO of Yahoo Walmart to start selling iPhones Apple sued for alleged hairline cracks in the iPhong 3G Diego Maradona sues Google Argentina Quicktime Update MacBook trackpad firmware update Apple TV Software Update 2.3 itunes 8.0.2 iPhone 2.2 Update Gift ideas for Christmas Tip of the Week - OptionDrag to Copy Outro
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MacCraic Series 1, Episode 10 - Thank Christmas it's Mac Intro News Searching with Apple Will the Doctor Prescribe a Tablet for Apple Here cometh the Papermaster or maybe not Bargains galore at the iTunes Store Will Apple get a dose of fiber? USB3.0 update Parallels 4.0 Another App rejected Dave's Pog Mo Thoin Feature 1 - iPhone game Zombie Attack Feature 2 - Gift ideas for Christmas Tip of the Week - Quick switch applications Outro
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MacCraic Season 1 Episode 9 - The iPod as a Gaming Platform Intro News New MacPro's and MacMini's New MacBooks Disable Pwnage Tool, Open Second Front in War on Jailbreaking Apple Activates Podcast Downloads in 2.2 Firmware Speedy USB 3.0 spec to be unveiled Berlin Metro Bans Free iPhone Timetable Application Federal judge to rule on Apple request to dismiss case Apple patents motion-sensitive HMD concept in defiance of good taste Apple releases camera raw compatibility update | Macworld Pog mo thoin  app store Feature 1 - Dave - Apple gaming device Tip of the week Outro
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