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MacCraic 83 - The Short One
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MacCraic 82 - Granny Fanny

The boys as usual discuss the latest news that has com from the wonderful world of the bog.. sorry blogosphere with Justin getting a little more obsessed than usual about blue boxes- I'll swear I'll never look at the TARDIS in the same way again, thanks for nothing dude :-)


Dave's Pog Mo Thoin: The "new" Mac Mini (a bit of a bummer really)

Go Daddy Promotion

Justin's App Picks:

  • Magnetic Sports Soccer (Wi-Fi version was fun & less drain on battery than using Bluetooth).
  • Also Air Video (Free)  (stream video from your Mac to iPhone or even iPad)

Emailbag: Message from Brad on Virtualbox with update provided by Dave. Link to Virtualbox changelog

Contact details


That's all the craic from this week's Mac

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MacCraic 81 - Phones, Cars and Fingering in Italy

This week we discuss Dave's Italian adventure and the keynote from WWDC 2010.

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