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MacCraic 59 - Thank You So Bloody Much This week our heros celebrate Thanksgiving (in true MacCraic style) and Dave goes back to the future.
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MacCraic Episode 58 - Taking the Helm This week an old friend stops by and chats with out heros. Stu Helm of the International Mac Podcast hangs out in the MacCraic mansion. Stu talks about his conversion to Mac and his fear and dread about what lay in store for him at the mansion. Drop the pants, make the cup of tea and enjoy the Craic. News Worm Penetrates into Jailbroken Devices Windoze: Think Alike Our Way or the Highway Rogue Amoeba Quit App Store We Don't Do Satire Livestream Procaster Beam Me Up Scotty Updates This week 10.6.2 (Client and Server), Safari 4.0.4, Wireless Keyboard 2.0, Security Update 2009-006 (Server and Client) GoDaddy Promotion Guest Chat - Stu Helm of International Mac Podcast Daves Geek App - Superhero Daves Tip of the Week - Watch Jonathan Ive's Segment in Objectified Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 57 - Typical, Flippin' Typical This week our heros welcome the Typical Mac User himself, Mr. Victor Cajiao to the show and find out about his start in podcasting as a Typical PC User, his switching to Mac, his photography and related podcast, and rediscovering his love of music. Time to grab your favourite drink and maybe a cigar and enjoy a chat with one of the hardest working men in podcasting. Welcome to this weeks MacCraic. News Super CEO of the Decade Stick 'Em up Again Grab and Go iMac Arm Bending Apple drops Atom Bomb on NetBook Market GoDaddy Promotion Special Guest Interview - Victor Cajiao of the Typical Media Group iPhone App of the week Nikon Learn and Explore Crap App of the week (by Victor) Cry Translator Tip of the Week - Exposée and Active corners Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 56 - Dirty Movie Editing In a truncated show this week our heros have a look at editing your movies on the go and Disney get another look in. Get ready as this is time for your weekly dose of the Craic. Disney iPhone Apps Changes to Apple Stores Down and Dirty Movie Editing on iPhone Apple TV Update iTunes Update GoDaddy Promotion Unlaunched Apple Tablet from 1990 Contact details Mevio Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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