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MacCraic, Episode 31 - Shiver Me Jiblers This week Captain Justin and First Mate Shortle take a look at the booty that the good ship Apple took in for quarter two of 2009, along with a rant about shaking babies and making them walk the plank. Arrr it be a good week to be a MacCraic subscriber. Intro News Quarterly Conference Call New Get a Mac Ads Jibbler Voice Recognition added in iPhone 3.0? Hulu Working on an iPhone App Amazing Screenshots of Chillingo's Upcoming Game Snow Leopard to offer screen recording via QuickTime X Player Feature 1 - Dave reviews Tweetie Feature 2 - Justin talks about a new camera purchase Daves PMT - baby shake app Justins Tip of the Week - Locking your Data with Disk Images Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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