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MacCraic, Episode 31 - Shiver Me Jiblers This week Captain Justin and First Mate Shortle take a look at the booty that the good ship Apple took in for quarter two of 2009, along with a rant about shaking babies and making them walk the plank. Arrr it be a good week to be a MacCraic subscriber. Intro News Quarterly Conference Call New Get a Mac Ads Jibbler Voice Recognition added in iPhone 3.0? Hulu Working on an iPhone App Amazing Screenshots of Chillingo's Upcoming Game Snow Leopard to offer screen recording via QuickTime X Player Feature 1 - Dave reviews Tweetie Feature 2 - Justin talks about a new camera purchase Daves PMT - baby shake app Justins Tip of the Week - Locking your Data with Disk Images Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 30 - Crashing Towards a Billion Well Apple are heading towards their one billionth app download and are running a competition for customers as a celebration. Dave and Justin have a look at the things that make the app store special and look at the other news from the Applesphere this week. Intro News 20" iMac deal for Schools Is 10.5.7 immanent? MacBook Air External Battery Mac Sales Down in Q1 Closing in on the 1billion apps downloaded Crash Bandicoot hits 1million downloads Are Apple looking at a Unibody iPod? Updates Aperture iMovie Server Admin Tools Feature 1 - Dave - Twittercentric, Tweetie for the Mac, Nambu Feature 2 - Justin - Drive Genius 2 part 2 the next step Justins Tip of the Week - Sleeping Your iPod Touch Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic, Episode 29 - Is There a Genius in the University? This week the Flying Doctors give it up for University College Cork on becoming the first university in Ireland to be accepted into the iPhone Developer Programme. They give some emergency care to Dave's Time Machine Back up drive and advice for a longer healthier battery life. So sit back and listen to your doctor's advice - this is MacCraic. Intro Get Well Soon Pat. News UCC first in Ireland with iPhone University Developer status Stanford Course On How To Build iPhone on iTunes U (link opens iTunes) New Xserve is released Variable Pricing is a Go iTunes 8.1.1 iTunes issue with movie art work Feature 1 - Drive Genius 2 fixes Dave's Time Machine Drive Daves PMT - Bono Justins Tip of the Week - Tips for a great battery life (courtesy of Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 28 - 101 Ways Your Mac Can Improve Your Sex Life Well the dates for both WWDC 2009 and Macworld 2010 have been announced and this week Dave and Justin discuss the significance of the dates. Also this week we give a shout-out to Apple and congratulate the organisation on celebrating its 33rd birthday. (Note we say organisation as the company was not incorporated until January 1977). We look at a couple of new VOIP and IM applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch namely Skype and Yahoo Messenger plus Dave and Justin talk about the iPod accessories they purchased while in the USA earlier this year. Welcome to MacCraic. Intro News Happy Birthday Apple WWDC 2009 Macworld 2010 Snow Leopard watch MiniDisplay Port Adapter includes HDCP Skype for iPhone Yahoo Messenger Who you gonna Call? Ghostbusters Feature 1 - Dave on IUGO's A.D.D and Star Hogs Feature 2 - Justin on Belkin TuneBase FM Justins Tip of the Week - MacHeist bundle for some fantastic deals on software Contact details Outro
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