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MacCraic Episode 27 - Live Long and Prosper This week on MacCraic Dave and Justin look at the MacHeist Bundle, talk Star Trek and discuss several updates and issues that Justin had in a recent iTunes 8.1 update. News International Shipping from Apple MacHeist Bundle get them while there hot Is the 17" iMac on the way back? The 17" MacBook Pro gets cooler Star Trek on the iPhone InstallerApp or Jailbreaking lite Updates (link) iLife 09 iPhoto iMovie iWeb iDVD GarageBand iWork 09 Keynote Pages Numbers Feature 1 - MacHeist Bundle Justin's experience Feature 2 - iTunes 8.1 a disaster story Daves PMT - iPhone App Refund Policies Justins Tip of the Week - Check MacFixIt before updating Contact Details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 26 - iPod therefore I am This week Dave and Justin are recovering from St. Patrick's Day and from being on the International Mac Podcast (link). They take a look at the iPhone event and celebrate Justin's birthday. Intro News Techie Thumb Tacks Elgato Turbo.264 HD now 1080p friendly iPhone 3.0 Feature 1 - Safari 140 (link) Justins Tip of the Week - locations in iPhoto 09 Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 25 - The Greening of the Mac This week Dave and Justin are looking forward to celebrating St. Patrick's Day and have a look at the happenings in the world of Mac. Intro News iPod Shuffle gets a refresh (link) Is this the next gen of iPhone (link) Pirating iTunes Gift vouchers (link) Updates iTunes 8.1 (link) Front Row 2.1.7 Feature 1 - Kindle App review Feature 2 - Wand for Apple TV? Maybe? (link) Justins Tip of the Week - Bookmarking Groups of tabs in Safari Contact details Outro Subscribe in iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 24 - I Love it When a Plan Comes Together This week Dave and Justin have a look at the"New" Macs from Apple while paying homage to a great 1980's TV show. Can you guess what it is? I'll give you a hint: there is an "A" in team. Also on the show Dave is having problems with his winky. Intro News Car Crashes through a Mac Authorised reseller store Man U golie uses iPod to sus the other team out before penalties. Kindle comes to the App Store Updates iLife 09 Updates Airport Utility Update Airport Firmware Updates Daves PMT - MSI Winki rips off OS X UI Feature - Discuss on "New" Macs Justins Tip of the Week - Multiple iPhoto Libraries Contact details e-mail to: Outro iTunes (link)
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MacCraic Episode 23 - Hyperactive Squirrels No Jobs for shareholders, Safari 4 Beta and Hyperactive Squirrels.
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