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MacCraic Episode 21 - Lets Get It On MacCraic 21 - Lets Get it On Last week I did an interview with David Allen aka wizardgold on twitter for his podcast Mac20Q. David and I had a good old chat and I would encourage all the MacCraic listeners to hurry on over and give David some love at David has been working non stop on getting shows in the can for this and there is a ton of fantastic interviews with other Mac users on there. Check it out now for an orgey of Mac. News Dancing with the Woz Is the Apple TV to get some lovin' from Apple? iTunes Replay, Truth or Fiction? Palm, Google and Apple The iPhone is a thing to Marvel at More details on the Leopards Chaning Spots Security update Feature 1 - iLife '09 Feature 2 - Apple Script 1-2-3 Justins Tip of the Week Printing to PDF. Contact details
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