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MacCraic Episode 22 - The Reliable Old Banger MacCraic Episode 22 for Saturday, February 21 2009 Intro News Unwired Airport Express Down Under An Apple Store for Dublin - NOT Stripping the 17" Unibody Mac Mini Photos More to come from Multi-Touch? To Fart or not to Fart And from the bad taste asile What is up with Hulu, gone from Boxee, now on front row Flash Updates Apple releases MacBook SMC Update 1.3 Issues with Security Update 2009-001 Feature 1 - Ngmoco Announces ‘TouchPets Dogs’ Feature 2 - iPhoto 2009 First impressions Daves PMT - Companies introducing iPhone Killers at Mobile World Congress 2009. Outro
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MacCraic Episode 21 - Lets Get It On MacCraic 21 - Lets Get it On Last week I did an interview with David Allen aka wizardgold on twitter for his podcast Mac20Q. David and I had a good old chat and I would encourage all the MacCraic listeners to hurry on over and give David some love at David has been working non stop on getting shows in the can for this and there is a ton of fantastic interviews with other Mac users on there. Check it out now for an orgey of Mac. News Dancing with the Woz Is the Apple TV to get some lovin' from Apple? iTunes Replay, Truth or Fiction? Palm, Google and Apple The iPhone is a thing to Marvel at More details on the Leopards Chaning Spots Security update Feature 1 - iLife '09 Feature 2 - Apple Script 1-2-3 Justins Tip of the Week Printing to PDF. Contact details
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MacCraic Episode 20  - Apples, Oranges and Pears This week we look at an attitude adjustment Steve P. Jobs style, Pirates getting Pirated and Apples, Oranges and Pears in a fruity edition of MacCraic. News Attitude Adjustment SPJ Style Fighting in the Clone Wars Moves to the Outer Rim Could Apple TV become a TV? Nehalem Processors and mabye New Macs? Snow Leopard Getting Closer More Delays in the Supply Chain Oranges and Apples I C U - Video Calls for the iPhone? Apple and Adobe working on Flash (according to Adobe at least) App Cracking Software gets Pirated Mac Tablet Mobile Computing and Battery Life Updates GarageBand Dave's App of the week Outro
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MacCraic Episode 19 - Schizophrenic Chimps MacCraic Episode 19 - Schizophrenic Chimps
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