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MacCraic Episode 15 - The 12 Apps of Christmas MacCraic Episode 15 - The 12 Apps of Christmas The MacCraic Christmas Special is finally here. In this episode Santa and his Elf take a look at 12 Mac applications that are not made by Apple but form an important part of their everyday Macintosh LIves. Skype was not in the Christmas spirit on this so apologies to our listeners for the fall out in sound on occasion toward the end of the show. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the MacCraic Listeners. We look forward to seeing you all in 2009. Intro iPhone Finally Unlocked Konami to bring some of their lines to the App Store Japanese Site iPod Tax in New York 10.5.6 Update finally released Macworld News (nothing much going on here - NOT) THE 12 APPS OF CHRISTMAS 1. 1Password 2. Evernote 3. Handbrake 4. ScreenFlow 5. Senuti 6. Skitch 7. TweetDeck 8. ScreenSteps 9. Onyx 10.Disc Inventory X 11.Carbon Copy Cloner 12.Firefox Dave's bonus App - GimmeSomeTune Outro
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