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MacCraic Episode 16 - Live in LA Farting Chimpanzees MacCraic Episode 16 - Live from Los Angeles Farting Chimpanzees On this weeks episode, Holiday sales of iPhone and iPod Touch give a boos to sales in the App Store, MacCraic in LA, Apple files patent for gesture based text editing, MacCraic in LA, Bono and Steve to throw down, MacCraic in LA and of course farting chimpanzees. Intro News Holiday Boost for the App Store. Patent for gesture based text editing. Bono v Steve Psystar and the tale of Desperate Goings on from LA Tip of the week. Outro
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MacCraic Episode 15 - The 12 Apps of Christmas MacCraic Episode 15 - The 12 Apps of Christmas The MacCraic Christmas Special is finally here. In this episode Santa and his Elf take a look at 12 Mac applications that are not made by Apple but form an important part of their everyday Macintosh LIves. Skype was not in the Christmas spirit on this so apologies to our listeners for the fall out in sound on occasion toward the end of the show. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the MacCraic Listeners. We look forward to seeing you all in 2009. Intro iPhone Finally Unlocked Konami to bring some of their lines to the App Store Japanese Site iPod Tax in New York 10.5.6 Update finally released Macworld News (nothing much going on here - NOT) THE 12 APPS OF CHRISTMAS 1. 1Password 2. Evernote 3. Handbrake 4. ScreenFlow 5. Senuti 6. Skitch 7. TweetDeck 8. ScreenSteps 9. Onyx 10.Disc Inventory X 11.Carbon Copy Cloner 12.Firefox Dave's bonus App - GimmeSomeTune Outro
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MacCraic Series 1, Episode 14 - Flittering through BMW's on Pirate Bay. Intro Psystars change of approach Premium TV killed the iTunes Store (or at least tried to) Something new from Apple in '09 (very vague) Did someone say Chips Open CL ratified 10.5.6 Imminent Firmware updates for late 2008 Notebook range Pastebud Gift ideas for Christmas Cute iPod Speakers MacBook BAMF iPod Speakers (Bad Ass M'thr F'kng) External HDD USP desktop Christmas Tree Mophie Juice Pack iPod Nano Airport Express Stephen Fry's set up and review…/ MADD reflection Outro
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MacCraic S01E13 - May the Farce be with You The Force is with you on this weeks MacCraic as Dave and Justin take a look at the Clone Wars among other battles happening on the Apple front.  There is the return of Dave's Póg mo Thóin (PMT for short) and the conclusion of Justin's look at how you can use your Mac to make Christmas presents for your loved ones. Intro News • IBM, Papermaster Apple Love Triangle continued • Psystar - the Clone Wars • Trade mark infringement • Trolls seen in Eastern Texas • To Anti-Virus or to not Anti-Virus • Mini display port (just below the main port) • Promo codes in the App Store • Vingo one up google • Phone on iPod Touch • Amazon App • Amazon UK mp3 Store Some Apple Statistics • iTunes Market Share • Safari Market Share • Mac OS X Market Share • iPhone Market Share • 10,000 Apps in App Store Dave's PMT Feature ipod problems Garage Band and iDVD for Christmas Present making Tip of the week - Apple Care Outro
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